August heat, the dog days of summer. I really don’t know why someone thought of that metaphor. Dogs don’t like it either.   There are only three good things about  this month. My Sister was born, my daughter was born and it makes me appreciate the cool crisp days of fall even more!

The count down to school has started. DS started cross country . DD is very glad she starts school after her brother by almost two full weeks!

It’s been a bad year for my chickens. Got a dozen chicks in March they were eaten when I forgot and left the coop open. 😞.  Got more  a few weeks later. They are  safe so far.  Although they predators are still  here I lost another of my older pullets when I again forgot to close the door last week. Could have kicked myself.If I can keep the door shut at night maybe I will be successful with another flock of layers .

The garden is struggling in our drought . We have finally been getting  some rain in the past few weeks. My cucumbers didn’t make it . I am thinking about planting some more. I may have time to get a few before frost.

I have been wanting to craft, sew, bake. I am ready for cool weather activities.

How much do you all consider keeping up or going on your homesteading activities before you consider it a fail. I am always behind schedule.

God bless! Go be Thankful!  Carpet Diem! Seize the day! 🐓

So the struggle for energy continues

I have this battle that is always raging inside. You see I am an limited energy person , I always have been. I have to work full time so that is where my highest level.of energy is used up. Then my daughter needs a ton of help with school work. A lot more energy gone. Then all they animals need daily care . Then I crash. When I get to my days off I am a person who needs to vegatate. But I have all of these things I want to do. Farm animal projects, it’s time to get the garden ready. Cook and bake ahead. I want to try making homemeade yogurt again, I just bought a bag of wheat berries for grinding and making our own bread again, cleaning out stalls from the winter.   It doesn’t help that the kids as they got older  didn’t want to continue farm projects and hubby never wanted to do them. I love my animals though and I have paired down but energy needs help.  Any suggestions, I know I need to veg out a certain amount of time, like this weekend. But things have deadlines ( garden prep).    Ugh…….  Any advice, experiences shared would be greatly appreciated!😃

I just need for John Wayne and me to have Lots of cups of tea!

Figuring it all out one day at a time.

Good afternoon everyone. This week has been a dozey. Helped daughter with algebra late into the night. While eleven may not be late for some, getting up at 4:30 everyday that makes it incredibly late. My day begins at such an hour  to feed horses, chickens,rabbits,cats and dogs before getting to work by 6:30 .  Husband gets son moving and to school. Daughter does cyber school which is a very open schedule. My children are teens so are not super high maintenance, so to speak.

I am submerging myself in gardening information right now. This the season in zone 5b.  I just read an article on  ( I love that site but that is another post!)   We are zone 5b and part of Maine is zone 5b. I never would have  realized that. Interesting the way the  average temperatures flow along the coast and the microclimates are similar.    Picked up some starts from a local growers stand on Friday. Romaine,Mesculan mix,Kale.  Was so happy and excited to get them!  Put them in my plastic tote cold frame. Yeah the first-time to get growing!

Had to take today to catch up on my sleep after the week of exhaustion. Time to feed critters then early to bed again to get charged  for the week ahead. God bless you all in your endeavors this week.

A Horse in a Fix.

 This post is from two years ago … I never posted it then but wanted to now so I remember Winnie. He has been rehomed to  a great home with a guy who takes  great care of him. You will always have a  place in my Heart Winnie……..One of my adventures for the day was a great learning experience .  While sitting here at the computer a stranger knocked on the door. This doesn’t happen very often out in the country. I did not answer since I was still wearing pajamas .  I Thought  perhaps there was something  going on with the horses.   So I went and looked out the bedroom, sure  enough, there was Winchester my two year old horse stuck half out of the pasture and half in it, with the fence twined around him. Quickly grabbing boots , hat and coat, I was not  dressed properly for our current snow storm and past depth of accumulated  snow. 

I rushed down there to find his front legs wrapped with a loop of wire and his back legs and feet through several squares in the field fence.  Thank God he had the presence of mind to just stand still.( Now keep in mind I have no idea how long he has already been standing there like this.)

I went in to the barn to get something to cut the fence with, He just stood here watching me. That tool would not cut through . Back to the barn, Win just stood perfectly still and watched me leave again!  I came back and was able to cut the first wire around his front legs. Then thinking out loud I said to him “Okay, now the back legs”  He just looked at me with  ” ugh” in he eyes.

Winchester does not do well with having his feet handled ;he isn’t terrible but  tends to pull away his feet.  I am thinking the worst and preparing for him to kick when I grab his feet.  No, he let me grab his foot and pull it out of the wire, then the same with the other foot. I tried to lead forward, he stepped right back into it , not knowing how to step over. We did this two more times. Then I tried to back him out,same thing.  All the while he is being so calm. Finally I got all legs free, stepped into the pasture and lifted his closest front leg into the pasture, pulled him toward the fence and lifted his other foot in as well.  He let out a sigh of relief as he walked away.

I grabbed a section of cattle panel to put up and mend the fence with. As I was working on tying it up I got my first kisses ever from Win. Up one side of my face and over my head to the other cheek. He has never given kisses before.

So…. I found out he is a horse that will not panic when in trouble. He will let me help him in what ever way I need to , to get him safe again. He is smart enough to not hurt himself more when in a situation.   What a great horse!